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In our technological age, the classical way optic world (offline) is changing faster and faster, it becomes more and more online, but the experience of a vision test is still the same old one as decades ago. together with the Increase in the world's population, the gaps in the number of optometrists per person is growing more and more....

Our device and technology answer all of those needs in a very elegant way: it offers an optical, mobile, stand-alone and fun experience, and all in a very competitive production cost.

We developed a working (patented hardware and software) VR (Wearable virtual reality glasses) device that automatically provides a full prescription for eyeglasses, including the optical correction your eyes need in order to see a sharp image in the VR device without using your optical glasses. There is no boring eye test or any traditional vision test involved. With our cutting-edge eye-tracking technology, you just play a fun VR spaceship game for a few minutes and the system will do the rest and adjust itself automatically to your eyes!



And this is only a small part of our technology:

Revolutionary telemedicine tool for optometrists:

It allows the optometrists to make the same traditional vision exam remotely: The system also has a very important telemedicine option to allow the optometrist to remotely control it to validate the prescription on his patient (he can be in a different country and still make the same classical exam when the patient is in another country!)

All in one optic shop:


Once the system knows your glasses prescription, you can also choose a glasses frame virtually try it on, see-through the lenses coating, see-through the multifocal tunnels (for the first time you can try your future optical glasses including the prescription before you buy them), and can easily work out with this VR system ( also patented In the process of development)













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