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A Digital Wearable Therapeutic for treating Atrial Fibrillation
Unlike Other Wearables 
We deliver Therapy

Ø A wearable digital therapeutic platform 

Ø Usable for ambulatory or Home-Care telemedicine setting
Ø stemmed from years of clinical practice 

Ø Demonstrated efficacy from human clinical data
Ø Seminal IP for wearable cardiac stimulation

Ø Clear path to FDA clearance 

Ø Early ticket to a potential $300M Exit
Proven Efficacy from human patients 

Compelling data from more than 100 patients since 2016
On-going referrals from leading cardiologists 
Reduction of 60% in incidence of AF, PAC, PVC 
An AI based system for arrhythmia prediction and personalized therapy in the home-care setting

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