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UNFO - Innovative treatment for Metatarsus Adducts
Universal Neonatal Foot Orthotics

The Universal Neonatal Foot Orthotic Brace is a revolutionary solution developed specifically for the treatment of metatarsus adducts (or MTA) in newborns.

Parents and children around the globe can now benefit from a child-friendly corrective foot brace that provides effective, safe, and stress-free treatment – providing families with peace of mind and improving their quality of life

The UNFO-s brace is the first short foot orthotic device that is worn below the ankle. It provides maximum fit and grip and corrects gently and gradually via a 6-point 

The UNFO foot brace is available in 2 sizes and several colors for both the left and right foot.  It is suitable for newborns up to 9 months. UNFO has the capacity for production of larger sizes according to demand

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