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The Beauty Band offers significantly better and immediate results for any skin treatment:
●    When using cream for treating face skin
●    When using anti-wrinkle creams 
●    When using creams to reduce wrinkles 
●    When using face masks and creams for masks
●    When using face cleansers
●    When using products for blemishes and face acne
●    When revitalizing the skin

The Beauty Band readies the skin for the ideal treatment, ensuring better and immediate penetration and results of the cream:
- The face skin is stretched and wrinkle-free
- The face skin can be instantly stretched in any specific area of the face (including wrinkles around the eyes)
- It lifts the skin in every part of the face (eyebrow or eyebrows, forehead, etc.)
- It stretches cheek and chin skin in the appropriate direction
- The material is accepted by and meets the requirements of the FDA

In addition to the above the material creates a natural electro static environment which is known to optimize the effective penetration of creams. 

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