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One second glaucoma Laser Treatment
BELKIN Laser: Accessible Glaucoma Care in One-Second

BELKIN Laser is a clinical-stage medical device company, developing a Disruptive automated one-second glaucoma laser treatment, aimed at promoting accessibility to glaucoma care by allowing every ophthalmologist and  other  eye  care  providers  to  treat  many  more  patients,  as a first line treatment, all over the world.

BELKIN Laser’s disruptive technology is focused on transforming the conventional glaucoma management from a specialized procedure, into one that is effective, safe and reliable that can be carried out by every ophthalmologist and other eye care providers as a first- line treatment

The Problem
Glaucoma is a chronic disease and the leading cause of irreversible   blindness   globally.   Although    the    disease is incurable, progression may be delayed by reducing Intraocular Pressure (IOP), thus preventing visual field impairment and blindness.

The Solution
The only treatment for glaucoma and ocular hypertension (OHT) is reduction of IOP. The BELKIN Laser device does exactly that, however unlike eye drops that depend on patient compliance, which is very poor, and unlike other glaucoma procedures, which require expertise, the BELKIN Laser procedure can be operated by any eye care provider,  in any location.

BELKIN Laser will pose an alternative to eye drops, or at the very least will be used in conjunction with, as a common practice. This holistic approach combining both laser and drugs will ensure controlled IOP, non-dependent on patient’s compliance with minimum fluctuations.

  • Unique Patient Benefits

  • Applies to all glaucoma types

  • Overcomes compliance problems

  • Can be used as primary treatment

  • No damage to cornea, eye surface or angle structure

  • No need for gel causing blurred vision

  • Fully compatible with future glaucoma surgeries

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