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Light for Better
growing Yield

Oricann® presents "Induction Technology" which combines Low operating temperature with savings and spectrum control that makes Oricann® the unique suite to the Cannabis Industry.

Induction lights use radio waves to produce light and are fundamentally different than HPS or LED lighting. Oricann® is the first to introduce Induction Technologies to the market and the first manufacturer of this technology to full embrace Cannabis space with applications support and customized spectrum offering. 

As Cannabis Growers look to create a sustainable competitive advantage in the market by expressing unique genetics and cannabinoid profiles, Oricann® can be an asset to achieve profitable goals.

Best PAR curve, full light spectrum (375-720nm), savings energy (50% and more), Low heating signature, long life span (100,000 hours)  and μmole/m/s² in addition to the "Green Technology", provide the Growers the entire suite to better Cannabis plant and better yield.


  • Power Consumption 

  • Lifetime

  • Maintenance 

  • Wearing Parts 

  • Heat

  • Color Perceived 

  • Hot Strike 

  • Cold Ignition 

  • Flicker and Glare 

  • Noise

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